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LC Action is one of the leading distributors of law enforcement equipment in the nation. We have been in San Jose, California, supplying equipment and support to law enforcement since 1988. Our ownership roots span over 50 years, 3 generations, and several locations throughout the United States in this industry. We are excited to offer the very best brands of equipment in the industry, combined with our attentive and accommodating customer service. We maintain a staff that is continually educated and trained, in the classroom, on the range and in the field, to stay knowledgeable and current on service, technology, threats, and equipment performance.

We take pride in our support in giving back to the law enforcement community. We have donated tens of thousands of dollars, and untold hours of personal time, to law enforcement related charities and fundraisers. We welcome you to come into our retail showroom in San Jose to shop, or to just look at the latest in law enforcement products and technology.

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